My head hurts and it makes me want to take all my pills. I sicken myself.


Fog world

There’s something special about fog so thick you can’t see what’s beyond it. There’s a feeling of isolation.

I’m currently sitting on a big bus that’s completely empty. All I can see are these large, empty fields. No trees, no houses. The fog has swallowed it all. I wonder if I’m truly even in the real world anymore.

Locked away

How do you deal with somwone you don’t remember? Having a feeling of a specific memory, but not the memory itself. How do you trust that feeling?

Am I imagining things? Or can I trust that feeling? I cannot know.

I feel as if there’s something locked behind a door. A large, dark, intimidating door. I need to open it, but I don’t know how. Where is the key?


My dolls are placed on top of my bookshelf, watching over my room. They are so still, yet they feel full of life. As a child, I was afraid of dolls, but now they feel comforting. Quiet little friends. I like to think they protect me from whatever monsters might crawl out of the shadows as I sleep. 

As I look at them, they seem to be moving ever so slightly. Perhaps I should go to sleep.

Unstable reality

At around 1 am, reality starts to shift. Your eyes become drawn to the empty corners in your home, as if a presence is calling out to your subconscious. Everything feels too quiet, too calm.

Maybe reality is always like this, but we only notice it when it is still enough.