I dreamed of the slaughter of children. Little girls, hunted and chopped down by men. They were first used as living sex dolls. Arms and legs had been removed. Helpless. Filled with seed. Then they were thought to be evil, so they had to be massacred. They screamed and tried to hide. I watched from the perspective of one of the little girls, hiding in a small cave with a man right outside. I was scared, begging he would not spot me.

Then I woke up. I felt unmoved by this dream.



My head is spinning. I feel the urge to be possessed, powerless, out of control. An entity living my life for me. Protecting me from reality. Keeping me safe back in my mind.

I can never be what they want me to be.


I feel afraid. It feels like something is going to creep up on me. Like it’s waiting for the right moment.

Lately I haven’t been wanting to sleep. The thought of going to bed makes me anxious. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved sleeping, because it’s the one time I don’t have to worry about anything. But now that’s been taken away from me.

Something to remember

My mind is shrouded in fog and I can’t see the light. All I hear is static. I’m haunted by nightmares. 

Something old is trying to get out. Something that’s been locked away in my mind. I can’t remember it, but my dreams have all been related to memories lately. Puzzling it togther, while being hunted.

I’m afraid of remembering.


I feel clouded and isolated at night. The thought of starting therapy is frightening. It’s the only way I’ll get better, but part of me doesn’t want to get better. Part of me wants to stay this way forever because I know what it’s like. I don’t know how to be normal again. It’s easier to pretend everything is fine.